Columbus Area Recommended Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you are having behavioral issues with your adopted PAWS dog. We strongly recommend avoiding dominance-based trainers and selecting a trainer who uses positive reinforcement, as dominance-based training is not backed by scientific research and does not address the dog’s underlying emotional state. Below are a few trainers we have used. If your dog has exhibited severe or dangerous behaviors, Ohio State University will be the best option for you.

Adventure Unleashed
(614) 398-2267
Puppy training, board & train, private lessons, & group classes.

All About Pet Services
(614) 288-5520
Dog walking, pet sitting, private training, pet taxi, etc.

Canine Insights, LLC
(207) 487-1361

Remote dog training and behavior consulting services. Canine Insights, LLC can assist with puppy classes and manners, destructive behaviors, excessive barking, leash walking skills, recall, fear, anxiety, reactivity, cat chasing, dog to dog issues, door greetings, dogs with kids, and newly adopted dogs.

Gigi’s Behavior Services

Heather Luedecke
(614) 721-3382

Leash aggression, fearful interactions with people or dogs, aggressive behavior at people or dogs, protective/guarding behavior, separation/isolation related problems, handling concerns, inappropriate play, unable to focus, repetitive behavior, hyper vigilant, house training, how to train, reading body language.

OSU Veterinary Medical Center Behavioral Medicine

(Board certified veterinarians, can prescribe medications and have the highest level of academic training in animal behavior)
(614) 292-4655
Behavioral issues, including human-directed aggression, inter-pet aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate elimination, phobias, compulsive behaviors, and cognitive dysfunction.

Passion Four Paws
(740) 879-4843
Puppy training programs, daycare, boarding.

PosiDog Canine Learning Center

Sarah Keegans
(614) 859-5238

Puppy and dog classes including scent work, agility, rally, addressing dog and leash reactivity; private sessions also available.