Hi! I’m Zinnia. I’m a 38 pound, 1 to 2 year old maybe beagle mix. I was left at a shelter in KY this spring and eventually found my way up to my foster family in Columbus. I really like it here. My foster mom says I’m the happiest, wiggliest, funniest pup she’s ever had. I love all people, especially kids. I play well with other dogs, and get along great with cats too. Belly rubs are the absolute best aren’t they?
I will chew on bones, but I love stuffed animals that squeak the most. I’ve chewed a flip flop and a phone cable, but I didn’t know they weren’t toys for me. I guess I need to learn which toys are for me and which aren’t. I’m easy to walk, as long as you’re not in a hurry as I take my time sniffing things. I know a few commands and I’m house trained and crate trained. But my favorite place to be is right next to you. I will follow you around from room to room, and sleep wherever you are. Dog beds, couches, human beds – I love them all. Oh yeah – I have crazy escape skills. But I don’t run away. I run right to you- so proud of my skills. I can back my way out of a harness in 10 seconds flat, but my collar stays on fine. And metal crates are no match for me. The plastic crates work better. I have a mild neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. This makes my balance a little off and I have trouble judging distances which makes me hilariously clumsy sometimes. It kinda looks like I’m a young puppy even though I’m fully grown. There are no medicines to worry about and it will cause no future concerns to my health. This has no affect on my intelligence at all, as I’m quite smart. And it doesn’t stop me from doing anything at all.  I’m slow at whole flights of stairs and at risk of falling down them. A home with minimal stairs would be ideal, but a baby gate will keep me perfectly safe. I hope to find a super loving home where I get lots of attention and care and I’m treated like the goofy princess I think I am. I hope to meet you soon!


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