George Harrison

Hi there, I’m George Harrison the Pitt bull mix!! I’m a few years old and my #1 favorite thing to do is chase tennis balls in the yard, I could do it for hours if you let me! I would love a fenced yard so I can run and sniff safely and to keep me from running off to chase a bird or other creature. I LOVE toys especially the rope ones where we can play tug of war. I’m a super chewer so the fluffy toys end up in a million pieces after I get a hold of them. I love a good play session followed by a rest in my bed or quiet time with my humans. I don’t like the crate but I’m fully housebroken and mind my manners when left alone. I have very short hair so I barely shed.
I’m a great snuggler, love being with my people, and am good with kids. I even take treats nicely! I know some commands, am excellent in the car and love going places – everyone loves me at the breweries I’ve been to with my foster parents. And I love the attention!! Other dogs don’t bother me unless they are in my space and in my face. I’ve had some bad experiences with other dogs so I like to keep my distance. I would be perfectly happy as an only dog but I could also coexist with the right buddy that is calm and respects my space. I would love to meet you and join you on adventures as I’m a great travel buddy and great companion!!

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