Hello, my name is Hendrix….I’m a Pit-bull mix puppy approx 4 mo old. My foster mom tells me I have the most beautiful brindle coat and I have speckled webbed feet. She also says I act older than I am as she keeps telling me how well behaved I am.

I’m working on my confidence, some nice people found me on their trail camera out by myself  in the middle of no where. I’m thankful that after about a week (possibly longer) with having to fend for myself I was caught. I was relieved as I was so tired and hungry. I’ve put on lots of much needed weight, visited the vet, I’m healthy now. She says tells me I’m so handsome and well behaved. I try my best as I don’t want to end up back where I was. I love having a couch or bed to sleep on and I love to be close. Since I’m working on my confidence (which she says has gotten so much better) I sometimes will hide from loud noises. I love having a doggy friend around to play with. I follow what other dogs do, almost match their energy. Are you looking for a cuddle buddy and companion? I’m a quick learner. I am walking on a leash and doing well, also almost completely potty trained. I’m looking for someone who will continue to teach me to be the best boy and reassure me I’m loved and safe! Is that person you?

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