Hi! They call me DZ.  I am a senior gentleman looking for a new opportunity.

My foster Mom and Dad sat me down and said it was time for me to write up my profile to find my new forever home, so here goes.

A couple of months ago my original human’s life changed.  I had been with them for 11 good years, ever since I was a little pup. They just could not take good care of me the way they wanted to anymore so I started my journey to find a new forever home.  I have been really lucky that there were humans along the way to help me get to my current foster home.

I am feeling really good physically. I needed some dental work done when my foster Mom and Dad brought me home. The vet took care of everything and I have a clean bill of health. The ladies love it when I give kisses now!  I don’t take any medications or have any special health needs. My weight is good, about 22 pounds.

Foster Mom and Dad keep telling me one of my best qualities is that I know how to go to the bathroom outside.  Seems like a simple thing to me but they make a big deal out of it.

I can stay in my crate if Mom and Dad have to go out.  It’s rare for them to not be home but I can handle it when it happens.

I get along really well with my dog foster sister, Shyanne.  She is just a little bigger than me. She is just a kid but I can keep up with her when we play hard and we like hanging out together when it’s nap time.

There are no little kids around where I live now.  That’s probably a good thing because even though I am tough I am small and my family needs to be careful around me.  I think being around adults or older kids would be the best for me.

One thing I am working on is being more controlled on my walks.  There is just so much stuff out there in the world.  It’s important that I check it all out and sometimes I pull on my lead.

If you are ready for a walk, so am I.  Ready for an afternoon Nexflix binge, count me in.  I just like being around my people.

Let’s get together and see what we can work out!

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