Harlan Tiberius Pepper

Hello, My name is Harlan Pepper and I am pretty sure i know what you are thinking right now.  It’s about the ears isn’t it?   I get that a lot, so let me begin by saying, yes, they are huge, yes, they are soft and yes I do like to have them played with.
So here is a little about me.
-I am about a year and a half Male Coon Hound mix  my weight is around 55 lbs
-Little on shy side and may need your help with new experiences – just to let me know everything is ok.
-I am mostly house trained, but like any puppy my age entering into a new environment I will need your help getting acclimated.
-As far as a personality, I am  pretty placid, very gentle and incredibly sweet  My energy level is moderate but i am always down for a nap. Love little kids.  Cats are probably not a great idea in my world and if you have a farm you will need to keep me away from your chickens
-I am crate trained but need stimulation and something to do in there or i will get bored.  I still need a bribe one in a while to entice me to leave your side and I will miss you terribly while you are gone be it 5 minutes or 5 hours. Until I’m used to my new environment, I’ll need supervision.
-Other dogs are ok, but sometimes too many can make me overstimulated and I can act out.  Attention is the thing i crave the most and it’s got me in trouble a couple times with my foster brother. I would want to make sure if there was another dog in the house we met first and got along ok.
-Until a couple of months ago, I had never been inside a house and acclimating has been a challenge.  My foster parents are so proud of the progress I have made but my manners need some work, so I would prefer an experienced dog owner with a patient but firm hand to adopt me.
Some of my favorite things include; Dancing at meal time,  Keeping watch and protecting the house from delivery drivers and joggers, chewing on bones and toys and running around outside.  In addition to all my favorite activities, I am also quite fond of belly rubs and am a wonderful snuggler.  My favorite place to be at night is curled up next to you.
What i need most is someone to love.  I am without a doubt one of the sweetest dogs you will encounter and once I get to know you my dream is to make you my person.

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