Hi there, my name is Dylan! I’m a 30 lb beagle mix and I’m going to be 13 in December. I first came to PAWS in 2012 and my parents have had me for 9 years. I’ve lived a wonderful life with my parents and two cat brothers, but that all changed last year.  My parents decided to bring me a new brother, but this one is a human. I was skeptical of him at first, but now that he runs all over and screams and shouts, I am beyond stressed out. He doesn’t seem to understand when I let him know I’m not interested in playing. My parents have tried keeping me separate from the baby with gates, but that just makes me more stressed because I love to be near them! Even though they are really going to miss me, my parents think it’s time to find me a new home.

The kind of home I am looking for is one where I can be the only dog and not be around little kids. I’ve dealt with my cat brothers for years, so I could handle being with more cats. I really hope my new family isn’t too active and likes to stay home with me. I’m the laziest dog you’ll ever meet- I sleep 23 hours a day. I do enjoy going on a short walk and sniffing with my beagle nose if the weather is nice. I don’t play with toys but I will eat treats. My lazy behavior has allowed me to sneak human food from time to time when my parents aren’t looking. I’ve managed to steal pizza, an entire cheese ball, a dozen pumpkin cookies, and a sloppy joe- so don’t be fooled by my laziness! I’m not a very big barker unless the doorbell rings or from time to time the sounds of horses on TV makes me howl! I’m house broken and stay in a crate when my parents leave, but I don’t really like going into it without a little guidance (treats!!). Once I’m in my crate though, I remember how much happier it makes me when my parents leave. My new family will need to be patient with me because I’ve had the same routine for 9 years, and I’m nervous about all the changes. I hope I can find somewhere to go and relax for the remaining years of my life. I also really hope my new family can keep in touch with my parents because they seem really sad about me leaving. If you want to pet the silkiest ears around and get 100 kisses a day, come meet me!

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