Hello, My name is Willow.  Let’s  just cut to the chase and let me tell you I am a great dog, and you are no match for my sweet puppy charms.  Try as you may, once I look into your eyes and I lay my head in your lap you are powerless against my level of cute. Within moments I will have you oohing and ahhig over the spots on my chest as you pet my soft fur.  Once I have given you one of my soft puppy kisses or burrow my head into your neck for a proper wuzzle, you must just accept I have the power to melt hearts and you may never be the same again.
We believe I’m a boxer/lab mix around a year old and weigh approximately 50 lbs.  Kentucky was my home, but my family left me and I ended up having a bit of a rough patch.  After having puppies I got very sick and could not take care of them, fortunately, some very kind people saved me and sent me to the shelter.   There I made a full recovery and they told me I was the best girl in the whole place.
So a few things about me. I love pretty much everything and everyone.  Dogs, kids, strangers, you name it.  I don’t know what a cat is but I am always willing to try new things.  Everyone says what a sweet puppy I am and I’ve had fun playing with the other dogs in my house and kids in the neighborhood. I am very smart and eager to please.  So far i have been learning to stay, sit, and place.
My interests include snuggle time, running, playing, walks in the park, naps, chewing on my bone, and having a full tummy for you to rub,  I love to curl up around your head and bury my nose in the crook of your neck.  I love kisses on my nose and giving you big hugs.  One of my favorite things is just being close to people.  It’s important you know that i will follow you around and be at your side a lot.  I just want to make sure you are ok.  I can be a little shy at first, but once you earn my trust we will be fast and forever friends.
They say I am a pretty active girl and a big back yard for my zoomies would be perfect.  An active household sounds like a lot of fun, and I love having people around.  Ive been walking a lot on my leash and am proving to be a fast learner.    We are working house training and I am doing pretty well.  No one is perfect, but I am eager to please and do really well in my crate.

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