Hi, I’m Sakura and I am a beautiful 79lbs female treeing walker coonhound.  The vet estimates my age to be between seven to ten years.  I ignore other dogs and cats.  I spent some time with the dog warden’s three-year old daughter and they said that I’m very gentle and good with kids.  However, I forget how big I am and may accidently bump into them.

A couple picked me up off the side of a road in McArthur, OH and I stayed with them for about a month.  They had a lot of animals like goats, chickens, dogs and cats.  The goats and cats didn’t like me.  They would hiss at me but I didn’t care.  I ignored them because they aren’t people who can shower me with affection.  The couple couldn’t keep me but that’s okay, because I’m now with my foster family and one step closer to finding my forever home.  I’m mellow and I’m content to have any roof above my head since all I really want is to get my beauty sleep. Oh, and all the head rubs!  It also looks like I was used for breeding since I have a saggy belly and a possible hernia.  But it doesn’t bother me and I’ll show you my tummy for some belly rubs.

I’m a smart girl who’s completely housebroken.  I had to house train my foster family since they were first-time dog owners and didn’t know what they were doing!  They’re much better now and will let me out when I go to the door and call for them.  I don’t get up on the couches because I love to sleep in my crate.  It has my large comfy bed, and it’s next to the AC vent!  I spend most of the day sniffing (it’s the hound in me), sleeping, and seeking affection.  I don’t chew things or get into things I’m not suppose to.  I love car rides. I get to sniff all the smells and then be lulled to sleep.  I also enjoy going to the vet.  I get lots of attention and when I’m being handled, I can rest my head on their knees.  Being petted is my favorite thing!

I am currently working on leash walking.  I walk with my nose to the ground and will pull when I find an interesting scent.  I can also tell when we’re heading home from walks or runs.  I have an internal compass, and I’m not ready to go home yet!  Trees and golf carts excite me as well.  I want to run up to them and will let you know with an impressive howl.  My foster family thinks that I was used for hunting raccoons and confuse golf carts for ATVs.

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