If eyes are the windows to the soul and then mine are surely saying that I am looking for you to be my new best friend.  I do not like other dogs. My name is Brandy, and if you are good at “reading” eyes, then you will never have to wonder whether I am feeling playful, fearful, angry or sleepy because my emotions are typically written all over my face.  I am a 3(ish)-year-old spayed female Shi Tzu mix (probably Shi Tzu/Maltese with a few others mixed in for good measure).  I am a petite 8 ½ pounds and have a face that could win prizes for cuteness!  I was surrendered by my previous owners in Tennessee before I found my way to the Buckeye state and into my current foster home.  I have been working on getting myself in tip-top condition health-wise so that I can be adopted into my forever home.  My perfect family doesn’t need a fenced yard or anything special to make me happy… they just need to be willing to put forth the effort to allow me to trust humans again.  I am pretty low-energy and prefer a calm, quiet home so I should be the only kid (human, furry, or otherwise) in the household.  I am house-trained, excellent at walking on a leash and love to go for rides in the car.  I don’t care too much for being in a crate.  Sure, I can do it but I have perfect house manners so you can feel confident leaving me snuggled on my bed while you go out for a bit. I know how to “sit”, lay “down”, “shake” paws, and “dance” (does it get cuter than that?).  “Stay” and “come” are commands that I haven’t completely mastered yet — I am a girl with a mind of her own and do best when those types of activities are my idea and not yours.  I have been making great strides in learning how to share my toys and allowing people to be in my personal space.  I could be a professional “social distancer”, so if you are looking for a cuddle-bug, then I am probably not your type.  But if you are looking for a girl with tons of personality who will make your heart smile, then perhaps we should set a date to look into each other’s eyes!

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