Hi dere, I am Tiramisu! I am a hound mix puppy. My ears and back are long and my eyes are part blue, so maybe I am mixed with catahoula, Australian Shepherd, or husky. I am 22 lbs and 4 months old, so I should be a bigger dog when I am all growed up. I have brindle spots, partly blue eyes, and ticking. I wuv all humans and dogs that I have met. I met cats and they weren’t too exciting. I am working on being more independent and also going in the crate because I cry when they leave. I am doing well at walking on leash and am practicing “sit” and “touch”. I am still working on potty training. I follow my nose wherever it leads me (the top of the dining room table smells yummy if the humans aren’t watching) and sometimes I bark at sounds. I put all things in my mouth and chomp because my teefs hurt right now. I need lots of play time to keep me out of trouble. My foster mom said I am sweet and caffeinated. I hope to meet my hoomans soon.

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