The name is Pisa. I’m a 1yr old beagle-something mix gal, and I tip the scales at around a slender 30lbs. I was dumped with a few other similar looking pups at a shelter in KY before I made it to Ohio, but not without a few adventures first. I can be flighty on a leash, and I’ve been able to slip out of the hands of a few volunteers thanks to my quick maneuvering skills.

You see, I can be a little shy and anxious around new people and new places. It takes me a few days to warm up, but then I love to be right next to my people and zip around the house practicing my puppy parkour skills! Having another dog in the picture definitely helps! I’ve done great with my 4-legged foster brothers, but sometimes when they get really excited and loud with the zoomies it makes me nervous so I go hide. I would do well with 2-legged friends of any age, as long as they can give me a little time of my own to adjust first, and then it would be my pleasure to slather them with kisses. I’ve only ever passed cats briefly while walking, so I would need to meet yours just to be sure we would get along.

I do pretty well in my crate, but if I know you’re in the next room over I’ll cry for a few minutes until I fall asleep. I’ve also done really well with my house training. I know to use the restroom outside, but sometimes I just forget to ask to go outside so I might have have an accident or two in the beginning.

After I’m done zipping around I love to settle down for a good snooze on the couch. Could you see me in your life? If so, then don’t wait and apply to meet me today!!

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