Hi there! I am Evie. I am 4ish years old and about 30-40lbs of love! They are not sure of my breeds but I’ve been told I resemble some herding breeds, like maybe cattle dog and I might have some Dutch Shepherd in there? Mostly I just want a person or small family of my own. I do not trust other dogs and would much prefer to have my home and humans all to myself. I am very smart, eager to learn and willing to learn trust but somewhere along the way I developed some fear and anxiety, particularly when meeting new people in my home. When I am afraid I can react in ways I am not proud of. My people would have to be patient and willing to work with a professional to help me continue to learn and understand that the world is safe and I am safe within it. I would also prefer to live in a calmer home with not lot of gatherings or strangers coming and going. I just recently learned to play fetch and I LOVE IT!! I cannot believe I have missed out on it all these years! I also love car rides and adventure/hikes in quiet places! I am on medication to help me with my anxiety and it has helped so much! I love kisses, and butt scritches and to snuggle up right next to my foster family every chance I get! Anyway, come meet me I am pretty darn cute! P.S bring hot dogs and I promise we will be friends! ; )

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