Stella Rose

Hey there friends, it me, Stella Rose!  I have come on a long journey from Tennessee to join my foster family with PAWS and to ultimately find my forever home.  Could you possibly be the lucky one to call me your very own?

Ok, so a little about me.  I am 6 years young gal weighing a thin 75lbs, and as previously mentioned I am from Tennessee.  My owner could not keep me anymore because of health reasons, so she decided to surrender me to the shelter.  I was real confused at first but kept my head up hoping someone would notice me.  The nice transport people loaded me up in the van one day and told me we had a long drive ahead of us.  We ended up in Columbus, Ohio and I got my first taste of living inside a home with my foster family. You see, I had always been kept outside, so being inside was a new situation for me.  My foster mom tells me all the time that I am getting acclimated well for being an outside dog my entire life.  I have had no accidents inside, nor have I chewed anything up.  I have brought her shoes to her twice, but I just lay them down by her and that is it.  I love to take long naps on my dog bed and dream of finding a forever family.  I am what you call a brindle color and I have the most beautiful brown eyes!  The shelter in Tennessee thought that I might be a Labrador Retriever/Mountain Cur mix, but who really knows.

I would probably do best in a home without other dogs.  My foster family has 2 dogs, and I have not become friends with them yet.  We are working on it, but I am just not sure about it all.  The weird thing is, the person that surrendered me also surrendered another dog that I lived with for the past 3 years, so I must have liked that dog.  I do know I love people though, big ones and small ones.  I am not a big kisser but do like to show my love with little kisses here and there.  My favorite thing is just being next to my person!

I have learned how to sit and we are working on other commands.  I am very treat motivated so I am ready to learn a lot more commands and other fun things. I walk pretty good on a leash, although I still pull some if there are other outside distractions, but I am learning.

My foster mom thinks I am a smart pup!  In the room that is mine, there is a very large mirror.  I started looking at the mirror one day, saw myself and started barking.  It was kind of like I was talking to myself.  I even went so far as to go the room that is behind the wall with the mirror to try to see if I could find that dog in the mirror.  Next thing I knew, there was a big sheet that was covering the mirror – and I could no longer see that dog I liked to bark at. I am so excited to get on with the next chapter of my life and find a family of my own. Could it be you?

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