Hi, my name is Apache!

I’m a 5 month old male, and I’m 40lbs. already, so I’m probably going to be a BIG dog. I’m a Chocolate Shar Pei/Terrier mix (at least that is everyone’s best guess)…

I am adorable. I will walk up to anyone and wiggle my butt in excitement because I LOVE people! I love other dogs too, I just want to be friends with everyone.

Things that make me the best pup:

-I am crate trained
-I am potty trained (ok, ok, I had a couple accidents when I came to my new foster home, but caught on really quick!)
-I can sit
-I can “shake”
-I know “wait” and “touch”
-I come when you call my name
-I sleep through the whole night
-I love to go on walks! …but walking in a straight line is so tough when there are SO MANY fun smells…
-I have the prettiest hazel eyes
-I have the cutest, tiniest, chunkiest Shar Pei ears and they need to be cleaned often
-I’m great at finding the stinkiest shoes in the house and stealing them, I prefer sneakers
-I love chasing tennis balls and playing with toys
-I also love being a lazy snuggle bug, and I will curl up on your lap on the couch. All 40 lbs of me 🙂

I haven’t been tested around cats or kids. I’m usually just a chill lil dude, I would probably be good with them, you just have to be ready for the occasional puppy zoomies!