Tabitha here and I am looking for love. I am a chihuahua mix, 5 years old, and weigh around 15 pounds. I am a shy girl that takes some time to trust people, but once I do I think I will make a great pet for someone. I do good with dogs and cats inside the home, but outside they still scare me a bit (probably because they are with people).

I am a sweetheart and like being pet, but I play hard to get sometimes. I do not bite or nip at all even though I am scared, so people and things are safe from me. I am learning or maybe relearning house and crate training. I may have been potty pad trained since I will tinkle on those if they are an option. I would prefer a secure fenced in yard of any size. The important part is I do not want to be leashed to run outside and do my business. I am however getting better and better at it.
I really do want to be near my person. I just get scared when they want to grab at me, like to put the leash on. I can be picked up and cuddled after a few moments. I think I really like it too. Honestly I am pretty sure I will be the perfect girl eventually. I will just need a bit of time. When is perfection immediate anyway?