Hello friends! My name is Nadia and I’m a 5 year old 40 pound pointer mix girl.  If you’re looking for a wonderfully house trained, low maintenance, friendly with all people, medium energy, snuggly, companion and guardian, then I might just be your next dog.  I am very tolerant with kids I currently live with, and have a kind, alert, and helpful disposition.  I am not demanding of your time or attention or food, but I will sit on your lap and give kisses as long as you’ll let me.  I know the commands Sit, Wait, Shake, Lay Down, Off, and I can leave a treat in front of me until you tell me I can eat it.
I very much want to please my humans and I’m more intuitive with just knowing what you need me to do than the average dog.  I do bark at the doorbell but I don’t bark all the time.  I’m happiest being in the same room as you, or in a fenced back yard so I can chase the rabbits and squirrels. I’m proud of how good I am at that, even though i never actually catch them.  I also don’t jump fences!  I can be left home alone for many hours and I’m content in my crate.
Going on walks is one of my favorite things but I do pull on the leash when I see those squirrels and rabbits that I so love to chase.  When we pass other dogs, I become anxious and whine and bark in their direction. So I could use some leash training.  I have lived with another dog in the past, but I have gotten aggressive around some other dogs so I would do best as the only dog in the family.  I should not be taken to dog parks.  And we don’t know how I’d be with cats, but my foster mom guesses I wouldn’t be that nice to them.  I am good with one or two 15 minute walks a day and don’t seem to need more.
My foster mom tells me I’m her favorite dog ever, but don’t tell the others okay?
If you think I’d fit in with your family, please apply to adopt me today!

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