Lucy Leena

Lucy was my grandmother’s puppy before suddenly passing in 2019. My grandma had picked her up at 8 weeks old and asked that my young cousins each select a name for the puppy; thus she became Lucy Leena Dogdog. If you are looking for a high adventure dog, we have the spunky puppy for you. She is 2 years old, purebred Jack Russell, and loves LONG hikes, walks, tug, wrestling with other dogs, and playing in mud with the kiddos. Lucy is high-octane fun, and at the end of the day will bury herself in the blankets with you. She is the biggest fan of car rides, meeting new people, and wants nothing more than to be a part of everything you do.

Lucy would benefit from training courses. She grew up on a 5-acre property where she was tied up most of her days. She will need work with recall but has made marked improvements since starting in her foster home. While she does well with other dogs and children, Lucy Leena will do best at first away from children and other dogs until she is sure of her safe space. Baby girl is vocal and pushes her boundaries. She will require someone experienced with sharp dogs, lots of time for stimulation, and owners experienced with Jack Russell Terriers. She would enjoy training and agility courses, or a very active family. Her new family will be rewarded with relentless snuggles and kisses from a puppy that wants nothing more than to be a part of your adventure.