Lucy Leena

Lucy was my grandmother’s puppy before suddenly passing. My grandma picked her up at 8 weeks old and asked that my cousins each select a name for the puppy; thus she became Lucy Leena Dogdog. If you are looking for a high adventure dog, we have the spunky puppy for you. She is a 2 year-old Jack Russell and loves LONG hikes, walks, tug, wrestling with other dogs, and playing in mud with kiddos. Lucy is high-octane fun, and at the end of the day will bury herself in the blankets with you. She is the biggest fan of car rides, meeting new people, and wants nothing more than to be a part of everything you do.

While Lucy Leena does well with children under supervision, she will do best in a home without children. The environment she grew up in was calm and quiet and she will continue to thrive in this sort of environment. She has done phenomenally with my two 50lb dogs. Lucy and Stevie Nicks play tug all day long and wrestle, but Lucy is selective with her dog partners. She can be aggressive toward small dogs and there are some large dogs that she has deemed unworthy of friendship. We ask that the next home be a dedicated one-dog family due to this waffling demeanor toward other dogs. She also has a strongprey-drive and she should not share a home with small animals and cats. If someone out there has a previous mama dog with eternal patience and sunshine like our Stevie, then companionship may work. Lucy is a loving companion to adultsand becomes self-entitled guardian dog of the realm. She has been a wonderful addition to our little home while we foster her, but Lucy really deserves someone’s full attention and a lifetime of adventures.

Lucy grew up on a 5-acre property where she was tied up most of her days. As a result, she will need work with recall but has made evident improvements since starting in her foster home. Not 100% but we are getting very close. We are also working with her barking behaviors and nipping during play. Baby girl is vocal and pushes her boundaries as expected with her breed. She is minorly/not reactive during walks. Typically, her nose is to the ground and keeps to herself but close approaches to reactive dogs are not advised. She will require someone experienced with sharp dogs, fenced in property OR high activity, and dedicatedtraining. Families with previous experience owning Jack Russell Terriers preferred.  She would benefit greatly from training courses.

Lucy Leena digs gardening with me and going on jogs, but as I write she is taking a nap in the sunny window. My husband has spent the quarantine working from home and Lucy has enjoyed spending the full day on his lap as he works at the computer. She is a high-quality dog and her new family will be rewarded with constant affection and kisses from this sweater-sporting snugglebum. Someone out there is her perfect partner in crime. Lucy is a regular at the adoption events, but feel free to contact us if you would like to set up a visit!


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