Hi, my name is Pumpkin! I’m four and a half months old, male, 30 pounds, and a very mixed puppy breed. I love playing with kids and dogs. Although I might get a little scared of other dogs at first, I end up having a fun time! I get very excited when I hear the doorbell ring because I love greeting new people! I like playing tag and running around in the yard, sometimes I even run a few laps around the house! I love sitting on your lap, getting belly rubs, and definitely cuddling on the couch! In fact, I think my favorite place to hang out is the couch! I sometimes make accidents inside the house as I am still a puppy, but I’ve gotten pretty good at taking it outside! I also nibble quite a lot! I’m really smart as well, I learned some fun commands like sit, jump, speak, and paw (speak and jump might need more practice), and I can always tell when you’re about to give me some yummy food! I also like following you around and admiring you work around the house. I can’t wait to meet you!

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