HI, my name is Eli! I am a 35 pound one and a half year old male Australian Shepherd mix. I was really scared when my fosters first brought me home, but I’ve warmed up to be a very friendly and loving lap dog. I also love to give kisses, cuddles, and play with toys. I can also be easily won over with treats! I still do get scared at times, but I am doing much better. I play really rough with big dogs, so I might not be the best match for someone who has small dogs or cats. And occasionally I think my foster parents want to play rough and I will try to play bite with them, so I would probably do better with older children. I would do great in a fenced in yard, but I also learned how to walk on a leash and now I love going on walks! I sometimes bark at other dogs and when I want attention. I sleep really well in the crate at night. I am also mostly potty trained as long as I’m frequently let outside, but still have the occasional accident. But, my fosters are continuing to work hard on potty training. I am a really sweet dog and looking forward to meeting you!

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