Hello, my name is Ren! DOB approximately Sept 2019 , I’m around a year old. Like most, I’ve had a rough start to the year. I was hit by a car and sustained severe injuries. I was left to heal without medical intervention and have had some complications due to this.

Once I was transferred to PAWS, I received the attention I needed and had FHO surgery to fix my broken hip. I have been going to rehab to strengthen my leg and now can walk without any issues. Another complication from the accident was a broken vertebrae and this led to me having no feeling in my tail. Being the puppy that I am, I injured my tail and needed to have it amputated.

Although I have had a rough year, my spirits are still high and I live life to the fullest! I am very high energy and I am definitely a lap dog. I love getting attention and will let you know when I need some loving. Due to my surgeries and recovery time, I have not learned many manners other than not to pee in the house. Yes, I’m potty trained! I love to play with other dogs and want to play with my two cat roommates. They don’t quite like me enough to play though (see second photo)!

All in all, I love to run, chew my nylabone, and follow my human everywhere.