Billie- ON HOLD

We currently are not accepting any additional applications at this time for Billie.

Hi! I’m Billie! I’m an 11 month old, female Great Dane mix. I’m 65 pounds of puppy love, and I’m still growing! I’m fawn colored like the comic Marmaduke, but with little white patches on my chest and toes. If you look into my beautiful brown eyes, you might just fall in love!

I have a lot of character! Some funny things I like to do:

  1. I wag my whole body, not just my tail!
  2. I eat laying down and hugging my food bowl (but I’m not food aggressive)
  3. I growl like a Wookie. I might be Chewbacca’s long-lost cousin.
  4. I sleep on my back with my paws in the air
  5. I’m so talented, I can play fetch with myself!

You should also know that I am house broken and crate trained! I know how to “sit”, and I am learning new skills every day. The next skill I want to learn is how to walk on a leash. I am pretty scared of the leash right now, and I pancake to the ground when it is put on me.

I do tend to bark at the dogs walking by the house, but jokes on them because my bark is big, but my confidence is not. I have met a few other dogs, and I tend to growl at them at first, but then we are buddies, because I’m a chill dog at heart. I do not know how I’d react around kids yet, but I’m good around cats!

I love being pet and getting your attention with my snout. Ear rubs, belly rubs, butt pats… oh gosh, I love them all! I will cuddle with you and give you lots of kisses if you want to give me rubs and pats. Will you be my forever cuddle buddy?


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