Hey y’all, it’s me – Kala! I’m a 3 year old female 37 lb. pit/terrier/heinz 57 mix in search of my forever family.  I am potty trained and crate-trained, even though I was found in early April 2020 as a stray in Lucasville, Ohio!

While on my own, I had an allergic skin reaction to fleas.  Back then, I had no one to take care of me and I ended up losing a lot of my fur while I was trying to make the itching stop. I am working on growing my fur back now, but that may take some time. The boys don’t seem to mind & I think that I look very chic with my “shawl fur collar”!  It is super important to keep the fleas off of me so that I don’t lose my hair again! Did I mention that I down medicine like a champ? Just put some peanut butter on it and it’s gone!

My foster mom thinks that I look like a Pit/Lab mix.  She tells me all the time that I am a good listener and a very sweet, smart girl.  She hasn’t figured out yet that I’ll learn to do just about anything for treats.  (I’m not bragging, but I am a pretty quick study.)  I have all the easy ones down: Come…Sit… Laydown… Shake… Twist…Crate.  No problem!

I am working hard on my socialization manners with the other dogs in the neighborhood – but I am a work in progress!  I like (not too long) walks, snuggling (on your lap or with you under a blanket), and lots of pats, rubs, and kisses. If I am feeling especially energetic, I like to play tag..,but I am not too into that “fetch” game these humans try to play.

I need to be the queen of my own castle & be the only pet in my home (I like to have all the attention!). I am doing just fine in my current foster home without a fenced yard, so that is not a must. However, electric fences are not for me. I am really just looking for my new BFF (Best Family Forever).  Is that yours?  Let’s meet and find out!

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