Hi there!  My name is Maya and I am a 45 pound huggable beagle mix. I’m about 7 years young & I was found as a stray in southern KY.  I haven’t had the easiest life – I am blind in one eye (the vet says that it is something called “small eye” or to be medically correct, Microphthalmia). I was either born with it or it could have been caused by some type of trauma. Really, it doesn’t bother me at all!  I am used to it, plus I rely on my sense of smell and hearing mostly. I have some scarring on my face and front paws – but as they say, beauty is only skin deep

The first week at my foster moms’ home, I slept and slept and slept.  You see, I had been in the shelter for 1 month and really stressed out.  It took me a week to decompress, but now my personality is shining through.  I love all people (big and small), I get along fine with other dogs, and I have not shown any interest in cats.  Pretty perfect!  I am calm and quiet.  I like to go on walks and absolutely love to be outside.  I could sunbathe all day.  In fact my favorite place to be is on the deck laying out. I am crate trained and you will sometimes find me napping in my crate.  I am working on potty training, and getting better all the time.  I am pretty good except if my foster mom misses my cue.

I kind of know how to play with toys.  I will sometimes play the ‘tossing them up in the air game’.  I have been known to take toys into my crate with me.  My foster mom loves to watch this.  I take them one at a time and walk back and forth between the toy box and my crate until I have 5-7 little friends in my crate with me.  I will gladly share them with others and I am not in any way possessive. I just like to take my little friends into my crate where they nap with me.  Maybe I enjoy giving them a safe haven too.

I am a little unsure of wood floors, but we are working on this.  When I first got to my foster home, my foster mom had to put down rugs before I would walk on the hard wood floors.  It seems slippery to me.  I am fine if I don’t realize I am actually walking on them, but sometime when I realize it, I start ‘swimming’ on them until I get my footing underneath me.  I am getting better, and there are not as many rugs down now as when I first came here.  It is just a matter of confidence and that is getting better all the time!

I would love a home that is a little quieter and low key. I don’t ask for much, I just want a comfy dog bed to lay on, food and water, lots of outside time in the sun, walks and lots of love!  I truly enjoy the easy life and would love to share my life with someone that enjoys the easy life too!  Are you that person for me?

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