Hi, I am Bam-Bam. I am one of 6 puppies in the “Flintstone litter” brought to Ohio from a dumping situation in KY. My foster family is not sure what breeds my siblings but I hear mutts make the best pets! I am about 3 months old and weigh about 16lbs. I am the most timid in the bunch, often approaching new situations with lots of caution. Though I still startle easily, I am learning this world is actually a pretty awesome place. Even though I hesitate at times. I want to learn and meet new people and love to explore once I come out of my shell a bit! My foster family seems to think I am also the smartest of the group or at least the most responsive to learning and new commands. Like my siblings, I am good with both kids and cats and am learning how to meet and play with new dogs. I am also excelling at housetraining and go right to my crate when asked. Can’t wait to meet you!

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