This is the story of Iris, a whippet/Italian greyhound mix who is a true introvert…. I was found wandering the streets of Jackson County with my best dog friend, a blue pit bull. Fortunately for me I was trapped and brought into the dog pound after weeks of unsuccessful attempts, but unfortunately for me my best dog friend was never found. In the kennel I related more to a rock than a dog. I stayed curled up in a ball too afraid to move or acknowledge anything which is why my foster mom knew that I needed to get out of there. Even with a warm and loving home I spent the first few days frozen in the cage. That was until I met my 4-legged foster brothers and could you believe it one just so happened to be a blue pit, WHAT ARE THE ODDS? I’ve now spent a few months in the foster home and I wish I could tell you that I’m a completely changed pup, but that’s not the case. While I spend most of my time out of the cage of now, I’m still pretty scared.

I’m almost a year old, house broken, and 100% crate trained. I need to live in a house with other dog(s), but they also need to know how to respect my boundaries and leave me alone when I’m super scared. My foster mom says I relate more with a cat than a dog. I have warmed up a lot to my foster mom and enjoy sitting near her on the couch, but I definitely am not someone who enjoys being smothered with love or lots of physical contact, so I probably won’t do great in a home with kids if they try and chase me around. I do walk well on a leash, but I wouldn’t say that I like to take walks around the block yet, I’m a definitely more of a homebody who needs lots of help building my confidence in this scary world. My foster mom keeps telling me that the perfect family is out there and I sure hope she is right.

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