How do you do?  My name is Sienna and I am the most kind and easy going soul you will ever meet!  I was found as a stray in southern Kentucky.  Everyone thinks I am about 8 years young and they say I am a boxer mix, maybe some beagle in me too.  I have adapted very quickly to being in a home again.  I follow my foster mom wherever she goes, I am always just a few steps behind her.  My most favorite thing in the world is when someone pets me, rubs my belly or my ears.  If I could have someone do this to me 24/7, I would be in doggy heaven!!  You will know that I want you to keep on petting me by my gentle pawing at you.  I think I am just making up for lost time.  Did I tell you I love to be petted?

My foster mom jokes and says she should have named me Prancer.  When she says it is time to go for a walk, I get so excited, I start prancing around.  My two front feet come off the ground a little and my behind starts wiggling.  I still have a zest for life!  I walk well on a leash.  We won’t win any sprint races, I just like nice leisurely walks.  I love to be outside in the sun and have been know to sunbathe on the deck.  Now that winter is coming, I will have to be OK with the sunlight coming in from the windows.

I share a home with a little 4 legged furbaby.  We get along fine, but she is hard to play with since I am so much bigger.  I have been around other 4 legged furbabies and I do like to play a little.  Not too rough but I have been known to do my fair share of doggy play bows and of course, I do my prancing!  Did I tell you that I love humans of all sizes (even the toddler kind) as long as they will pet me.  I have not met anyone that I don’t like and I think everyone likes me.  My tail never stops wagging when I meet people!

I know how to take treats very gently and will sit for my treats.  Toys don’t really interest me but my foster mom is trying to teach me how to play a little.  She says the squeaky ones are fun, I am trying to understand this.  I am completely potty trained.  You won’t hear a sound from me except if I really need to go outside to potty and then I let you know by whimpering a little.  I should tell you that I also snore a little when I am in a deep sleep, but most humans snore too, so that should be OK.

Don’t I sound like the perfect pup for you?  I would love a family to call my own, to take me for walks and to give me all the loving that I deserve!

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