Hello! My name is Layla, and I am a 12 year old, 20 pound mixed bread. I am housebroken, crate trained, and my foster mom would describe me as very sweet, gentle and calm. I don’t seem to shed much at all, but my hair is pretty short right now, so I can’t promise anything once it grows back out!
I get along just fine with my foster parents’ two dogs, and I wouldn’t mind having other brothers and sisters around in my new family, but I don’t think I would do well with a rambunctious puppy or kitty. I can get pretty protective of my bed/crate and food bowl when other dogs are being nosey.
I love to go on walks around the neighborhood and getting treats when I got outside to use the potty. I have a lot of spunk when I get up the energy, and love to fetch and play with my doggy toys (but I have to be on carpet – my feet slide too much on wood floors!).

I do like to sleep a lot, though, as I am an older gal, and don’t mind being in my crate when my foster parents are away at work. I am very laid back and pretty self-sufficient in my old age. I sleep all night in my crate and don’t make a peep until the morning. I am looking for a family that is relaxed and likes to snuggle and take naps. I don’t think I would like having noisy kids around as I seem pretty content in a quiet environment.

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