Hello, my name is Jasmine! I have 7 years and 10lbs under under my belt and even though I look like a Jack Russel Terrier mix I relate more with koalas. Sleeping is by far my favorite activity and I strive to get no less than 22 hours per day. However, if you break out one of my favorite toys I definitely enjoy a good play session and have what my foster mom refers to as, ‘the cutest play wiggle around.’

It took me a little while to get settled in, but my little dog personality has slowly started to emerge. I get along well with all pups, big or small, and cats too! I do have some sensitive spots on my body, so I wouldn’t do well with young or rambunctious kids. I enjoy cuddling next to my foster parents, or just sitting right on top of them. I don’t mind spending a lot of time in my crate while my foster parents are away at work. For the most part I seem to be housebroken and making improvements every week. 

I am a pretty laid back older gal who just wants to find a home to settle down in. So if you are looking for your next cuddle buddy or walking partner then look no further!

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