My name is Bellisima, Bella for short. I am a 1 ½ years old lab mix.I’m female, about 35 pounds and my black coat is soft and shiny. When my foster mom and dad took me home, I was terrified of everything, I’ve never been in someone’s house before. I’ve pretty much learned to go potty outside, but I’m still on a schedule so I don’t have any accidents.

I still jump at most noises, but I get over it a lot faster and try to relax. When my humans bring anything new home that’s big or noisy, like grocery bags or big boxes, I make a bee line for my crate because I feel safe there and it’s comfy!

I’m really shy and I hardly make any noise at all except when the door bell rings. I’m learning how to play with my soft, stuffed animals but I lose interest pretty fast. I’ve been known to stealthily pick up my foster Dad’s socks or t-shirts and take them to my crate so I can always be near him. 
I sleep most of the day on a pillow while my Mom works at home. I don’t think I would enjoy being around rambunctious kids much because they would just scare me. When Dad gets home we play and run around the house a little and then my most favorite thing to do is sit near him on the couch and take a nap.

I would most likely enjoy living in a home with other dogs, as long as they are nice, so I could learn to not be so jumpy and how to play. I haven’t been tested around cats, but I would probably do well in a home with one.

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