Hi.  My name is Sebastian, but my friends call me Bash.  I am an approximately 12 year old male, maltese mix, weighing in at 9 pounds. People tell me I can be quite funny and sweet. Due to my former living situation, I didn’t really learn about being housebroken, so I struggle a great deal with that concept.  After trying really hard, my foster mom needs to keep me in diapers to prevent accidents in the house, but I am really good at “poo” outside, so I consider that a plus!!

I tend to bark at most things I see on my walks, be it other dogs or people.  Actually, I bark at those things inside too, but I can settle down after I get to investigate for a while. I sometimes get a bit grumpy if you want me to do something I don’t want to do and you try to hurry me along.  I may start to growl and warn you that I want to do it my way.  If you can back off and coax me a little with a treat, I snap out of it and usually do just what you want me to do.  However, I probably wouldn’t be good in a house with children as they may not understand this process.

I get along with my foster brother, but I have to say he is a pretty laid back guy.  He lets me get my way and that’s how I like it.  My foster cousin isn’t so laid back and thinks she should get her way, so we don’t do well together. I like to be with my person, but please don’t put me on your lap and expect me to stay there.  Just not my thing. But don’t go too far as I want you close by and don’t really like to be left alone.

I know I have a few challenges, but if you are up to it, I’d love to meet you!!