Hi, my name is Preston! I’m a cute 1 ½ year old blonde long-haired Chihuahua, and I weigh 6½ pounds. My foster mom says I’m cuddly, quiet, and super sweet. I have a calm, easy-going attitude. She almost named me Fabio because of my beautiful blonde hair, but I’m not a dog that likes to show off. I need a family or someone with patience, understanding, and time to spend on my trust and continuing my outside potty training. I’m getting really good at it!

I am starting to trust people more and get used to the noises around the house and outside. As I gain my confidence, I am beginning to come out of my shell. My personality is calm and affectionate (once I get comfortable with you). I’m starting to really like this lap dog thing. You can pet me gently all day, and I’ll hang out wherever you are. When I get attached to people, they become my best friend and I follow them around everywhere. You can turn around and there my cute little face will be! I draw you in with my deep brown eyes. You can’t resist!

My foster mom thinks I didn’t get exposed to outside or lots of people in my old house, since when she first got me I was terrified of everything outside. I now enjoy snuggling up with someone on the outside porch while we soak up the fresh air and people watch. I also am learning to go on short walks with my foster brothers.

Back at the shelter, I had a crate buddy who I got along with really great. He now is with me in my foster home, and we get along like peanut butter and jelly! I also have another foster brother that’s a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix and we all get along great. I’m learning to act like a pack dog and I’m following what they are doing.

Like I mentioned before, I am still working on my potty training. I am house-trained in that I know how to go on puppy pad, but I am just starting to now go potty outside. If I come to live with you, I need to get opportunities to go potty outside more than twice a day.

I will resource guard and growl a little when other dogs come near my food. The other dog in my foster mom’s care and I get fed on different sides of the kitchen for now, but our bowls are slowly getting closer together. That’s a new kind of trust I’m learning.

I get along with older kids and people of all ages. But I need new people to use slow and calm movements at first, until I get comfortable with you. Once. you spent some time with me, along with a little peanut butter, I’ll become your friend in no time.

I am quiet and hardly make a noise in the new house where I currently live with my foster family. I understand basic commands and am learning playful and friendship words. I bark when new people come in the house, but that’s because I’m a little guy and I want to protect my home and family. Once I know the new people are safe, I slowly get closer to them so they can pet me too!

I can’t wait to meet you!! Fill out an adoption form at so I can come visit!!

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