10 yrs old
Hi! My name is Scooter! I am a 31lb male beagle and my doctor thinks I am about 10 yrs old. When I came to live with my foster mom, I was blind in my left eye from glaucoma .To be sure I wasn’t having pain in my eye, my doctor removed it.
I have some arthritis and am a little unsteady on my feet. I take medicines that really help me be able to take short leisurely walks with occasional stops to lay down, rest and watch the world around me.
Since I can only go up 1 step and down 2 steps at a time, I would do best in a ranch style home. My foster mom and dad carry me up the steps when there are to many for me to climb.
I love being outside where I can smell the air and take a nap in the sunshine.
I don’t pay much attention to my foster brothers but I love attention from people and laying on the couch with my foster mom.
I would do best in a quiet home as loud and sudden noises and movements scare me. She says I’m a good boy because I am house broken and will use the piddle pads. Also I ┬ánever bark ! If I need to go out I will just whimper and paw at the door to let you know.
If you just need a friend to snuggle, take short walks or lounge around with,
I would be happy to come and keep you company!

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