Terrier/ Beagle Mix
32 lbs
Tiny Nacho is a man with big dreams. You see, Nacho Libre believes he’s more than an orphan, he hopes to wrestle as many pups as he can and make a name for himself. Little terrier? Yup, he will wrestle it. Giant Shepherd? Been there, done that. When he’s not working on a new move, Nacho enjoys chilling with his humans, preferably lounging against a fluffy pillow or perched atop a lap. He currently is weighing in at 32 lbs. He’s estimated to be about 3 years old and we think he’s a Terrier/Beagle Mix.
Nacho is working on being left alone, and he’d love a parent that works from home or an easygoing canine companion to keep him company.He’s almost fully housebroken, but will someone that will be patient while he works on perfecting that. Nacho appears to enjoy children and cats, and is a true gentleman when he’s not wrestling his friends.

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