Hunter is a very smart, sweet, and well-behaved collie-chow mix, around 9 years old. He currently weighs about 43 lbs, but should probably gain a little weight and be closer to 50 lbs.  Hunter does great in busy parks, crowds, and foster events with children and all other dogs.  He is also good with cats.   He is perfectly-behaved on a leash. He’s medium-Low energy, he never turns down a walk , but also ok with just laying down near his foster mom.  His perfect home includes no stairs, a fenced yard, & preferably another playmate (dog or cat)!

He rarely barks,  not even when the doorbell rings.  He is housebroken.  He loves car rides, being brushed, treats, and going for walks.  He will be your shadow and bonds quickly with treats.  He is gorgeous!  If you brush him regularly the shedding is surprisingly minimal.   He doesn’t dig or chew anything but he does like an occasional nibble on his bone.  Due to an old ACL injury he does not jump onto furniture and has to take the stairs slowly, but otherwise he is in perfect health according to the vet.  ‘