Juliette is a Maltipoo about 8 years old and 10 pounds. She has Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the bladder. It is Metastic Cancer which means fast spreading. Vets give the usual guess of 6 months to a year. She is doing well now, but does have constant accidents in the home. In her foster home she wears diapers and is quite used to them now. She is eating and drinking well and is very sweet.

Juliette loves all dogs and is fine with cats too. She is a bit shy and skittish around fast motions, so no young kids please. She does love attention once used to you. She is fairly healthy considering and has hair instead of fur, so would need groomed occasionally. She needs a loving home with no fast moving people. She will fit right in your heart if given the chance.

With Juliette’s medical condition, we understand that she will likely be with us until the end and may not be a good fit for most families. However, we would be truly appreciative of a sponsor for her instead. If you are interested in adopting, sponsoring, or donating towards her care, please visit powellpaws.org or email contactus@powellpaws.org.

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