Hey there, I’m Ringo! I’m an enthusiastic 1 1/2 year old, 44 lb young man. I am very handsome, with my white markings and black coat. I even have a cute little spot on top of my head. My breeding is unknown, so your guess is as good as anyone’s. Maybe I’m part border collie and coonhound. Either way, I’m a catch. I have a lot of fun playing with my doggie friends. I have a foster cat brother, and we do ok together, but if I’m feeling energetic I might run after him. For my age, I do pretty well with only chewing things I am supposed to. I also like attention from humans…belly scratches, head massages…those are my favorites.  I might be a little slow to approach certain strangers (some men during the first couple minutes I meet you), but I am the friendliest boy once I know you! I have about a medium energy level.  I am well-behaved on my walks and would love to go on adventures with my new family!

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  1. Linda Powers says:

    We lost our two dogs last year after some extended health issues. They were born one week apart. It was very hard and are trying to figure out if we are ready to bring a dog back into our family. We like to camp and be outdoors, but also have to work full time. We have two crazy cats (sisters) and a 12 year old daughter. Fenced in backyard. What else can you tell us about Ringo. We would prefer to have two dogs for companionship. Thx

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