Hi I’m Mollie! I’m a 10-month-old female Beagle mix and weigh about 20 lbs.  When I first came to PAWS I was very scared of people, places and things, but within the time in my foster home, I have learned that people are actually pretty great! They give me belly rubs and treats. Now, even when strangers come to my foster home I’ll greet them at the door!

I still can be a bit nervous at new places, so I’d do best with a family that can be patient with me and continue to work on my confidence.

I am medium energy – I love playing with my doggie foster brother but I also enjoy a good nap! I really enjoy the company of other dogs, and it would be best for me to live with another dog around to teach me to be a more confident pup! I am nervous in new places and sometimes on walks, but when I have a confident pup with me I tend to not be so scared.

Once I am comfortable I am very playful and affectionate with my foster parents. I love to snuggle with my foster mom and give kisses in the morning and when she comes home from work.

I need to continue to work on being housebroken. My fear of being outside has made potty training more difficult, but I think if I had a fenced in backyard, I wouldn’t be so nervous. In my foster home I do pretty well with going on the grass pads that are around the house.

I am pretty well behaved for such a young pup and seem pretty smart, but I need  to continue to work on my basic commands.  I know  the “sit” command , but when I get too excited I will jump on people.

My foster mom isn’t sure how I’d do with cats, but when I saw one at the vet I didn’t bother her.  I have some separation anxiety , and I don’t like when my foster parents are away, but I usually don’t bark that much when they leave. I will I try to follow them out the door, though.

When I am nervous I like my personal space, so I would do best in a home where everyone can respect my boundaries (probably no small children). Will you give me a chance to help me be the best pup I can be?!

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