Hi, I’m Theodore! I’m about 2 1/2 years old and weigh 50 lbs. My breeding is unknown, but shelter volunteers guessed that I might be a Border Collie/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. I have a medium energy level- I need a daily walk and playtime, but I’m also content to lay around for part of the day. I’m a sweet and goofy dog. So far I’ve been doing well with housebreaking and learning skills like walking on the leash, “sit,” “down,” “watch me,” “touch,” and “stay.” I’m working on manners around the house, because sometimes when I get excited I turn into a big bouncy puppy. I also need slow introductions to new dogs because they intimidate me initially, but once I feel comfortable that they won’t hurt me, we can be great friends! Right now I live with two smaller dogs and a cat, and we get along just fine. I also really like people…I love when they give me attention and pet me. I even met some smaller humans called Girl Scouts, who abandoned their cookie sales to give me lots of pets. I hope to find my very own family soon!

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