75 lbs
Bane is a 75 lb, 3-4 yr old possibly boxer/pitbull/American Bulldog/Mastiff mix that is fixed and crate trained. Bane loves to run, play, and give kisses all day! 

Along with being very loving, Bane is very smart and has showed to know a few party tricks like shaking hands also! He needs consistency with someone who is knowledgeable about dog behavior and training. Bane is non-reactive to other dogs but has energy and could be on the pushy side. He is not good with cats.

Bane would would do best in a home without children, due to his energy and size. He is initially uncomfortable around strange men who come into the home, but if they ignore him for a few minutes during the initial greeting, he seems to become comfortable with the new male, and is just fine.

He is a big goofball and would love to find his furever family!

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