Hi, I’m Bearnard (pronounced Beh-RN-ERD), but most people call me “Bear.” I’m 4 years old and weigh 54 lbs. I was listed as a “mixed breed” at the shelter, but people have said I look part Rottweiler, part Blue Heeler, with maybe some sort of Spitz mixed in. I have a cute little curly nub tail, and  an interesting gray and tan coat. I met these big dogs called “horses” and at first I barked at them, but I realized they aren’t scary. I’ve also met other dogs, cats, and chickens and we get along fine. I have not met any tiny humans yet, but would probably be fine as long as they were gentle with me. I’m learning about living in a house and sometimes I get a little scared of things, but I don’t react much other than to move away and get wide-eyed. I’m doing really well with housebreaking and am almost totally housebroken. I like 5 minute snuggle sessions, but then I get hot (I have a fluffy double coat) and go back to laying on the hardwood floor. Occasionally I look perky and want to play, but I’m not allowed to play or run until I finish my treatments for something called “heartworm.” That won’t be until probably January or February, and then the veterinarian said something called “neutering” will happen. After all of this, I will be able to run around and play again. I will keep you updated on my progress!

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