Hi, my name is Claude. I’m about 3 years old (don’t let the white fool you – that’s just my coloring!), 15 lbs and male Chihuahua mix. It’s been so fun at my foster mommy and daddy’s house. We go on 1-2 walks a day and it’s my favorite (well, besides treats). I love to see what other people in the neighborhood are doing. If a dog barks at me, I usually don’t bark back unless my foster doggie brothers bark. Speaking of my foster doggie brothers – they are so much fun! I think I’m the size of their heads. They are HUGE!!! I don’t know how to play with them unless we are playing tug-a-war so when they start to play, I bark at them, trying to join in on the fun.  My foster daddy works from home and he says I’m the perfect angel – I just curl up on a blanket. My foster mommy and daddy taught me not to be in the kitchen when they are cooking. They say they can trip over me so it’s not safe. I do best when my foster mommy and daddy give me boundaries like I can’t get on the couch without permission. I’m a cuddler – I like to curl up in my foster mom’s legs. I am working on not pulling on the walks – even though I’m small, my foster mommy is teaching me to walk on her right side without pulling. It’s so much more fun! My foster parents think I’d do best in a home with kids over 12 and not in an apartment.  Can’t wait for you to meet me – maybe you’ll give me a treat!

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