About Me

Lab/Shepherd Mix
45 lbs, Female
5 years old

Hey all! I’m back!!! I took a break on getting adopted to work on my fitness, you know, like Fergie. Great news is I’m feeling so much better that its past time to find my forever family. My foster mom says I’m special needs but really they just mean I’m incredibly special. I’m playful and loving and great with kids, cats, and dogs (with slow intros). I do have an eye condition that causes my eyelids to roll inwards, I’ve had two surgeries and the vet says it is as good as it can get but I still have some trouble seeing out of my one eye and require eye meds on a daily basis (at least in morning and at night). I also have some joint issues that an orthopedic surgeon doesn’t think can be helped. I don’t let it bother me but because of this I take some pain meds and would do best in a house with few stairs or where I can live most of my life on one floor because though I can run up and down steps now I might have trouble in my retirement. I’m the sweetest girl and I know that my forever family is out there, is it you? (if you’re not sure if its you and want more info, please contact PAWS and my foster mom will let me know about any and all questions!)

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