Lady Dog

About Me

My name is Lady Dog, I’m an 6-8 month old 28 lb Beagle/Hound dog mix. Things have been a whirlwind for me, going from a life fending for myself to playing and wrestling with my foster dog brothers and sisters. I also am unfazed by cats and figure they can do their thing and I can do mine. I also enjoyed being petted by my foster niece who is 4, as a young dog I would love to grow up with your non fur kids. Also, I’m working on using facilities outside, I’ve mostly got it down but practice will make it perfect. Since I’m still in my young dog phase, the vet guesses I might grow to weigh 40 lbs as an adult dog. I’m very calm and love cuddles with extra points for belly rubs. I cant wait to meet you!!!


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