About Me

Hi, I’m Finn! I’m 3 years old and weigh 65 lbs. I was listed as a German Shepherd mix, but some people have said I look like a Black Mouth Cur. I’m a mellow guy with a Type B personality. I’m great with adults, kids, dogs, cats, horses…pretty much everyone! My favorite things are to have my chest scratched and to chew on my nylabones. I’m housebroken and have learned a couple tricks (sit and down). If you give me a treat I will take it very gently.

My old owner told the shelter that I had seizures, so I am currently on phenobarbitol to control them. I’ve been with PAWS since New Year’s Eve, and have not had any seizures during that time or while I was at the shelter. My new family will need to be prepared to give me my phenobarbitol pills twice daily and be sure not to miss any. The cost for these pills should be about $60 per month. I don’t mind taking my pills because it means I get to eat treats twice a day! I hope I can find the perfect family who will take good care of me.

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