About Me

Lucy is a sweet 8 year old female boxer/lab/pit mix weighing about 50 lbs. She can be both energetic and calmly affectionate, expressing her happiness by wagging her ridiculously cute nubby tail a mile a minute. She’s completely house trained and knows Sit, Down, Wait, and Come (very treat-motivated!). She enjoys spending time outdoors with her people, be it on walks or hanging out together in the yard. She loves car rides and exploring new places and is most always excited to meet new people. She does well around children that are calm and respectful but because she’s very strong and can become overly excited about life at times, we recommend she be in a home with kids that are over 14 years of age.

Lucy does need to be the only dog in the family as she is reactive to most other dogs, though has learned to be comfortable around neighborhood dogs she sees regularly once she trusts they are not a threat and will respect her space. Given her instinctual prey drive for rabbits and squirrels, it would likely not be safe for her to live with cats.

Lucy does well when home alone, either closed in a bedroom or with free roam of the house. Like most all dogs, she needs adequate exercise before being left on her own for the day. She’s very comfortable in her crate but shows some confinement anxiety when the crate door is closed.

She will alert you when she hears delivery people or other strangers outside, though will comply when requested to be quiet. She’s comfortable lying on a comfy dog bed, or next to her humans on furniture if invited up, and is a big fan of head, neck, chest, and belly massages!

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